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Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy

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Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy

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What is Ovarian Cysts, masses and Tumors ?

Ovarian Cyst removal is a procedure where the cyst in the ovary is removed surgically. The main reasons for performing a cyst removal are as follows:

The cyst is suspected of being cancerous

The cyst is large (typically over 6 cm in diameter)

The cyst is solid rather than one containing fluid

The cyst is causing pain


Possible Complications of Cyst Removal

Complications in cyst removal are rare. However, no surgery is free of risk. The following are some of the complications that can occur during or because of the Procedure:



Return of the cyst post surgery

Requirement of removal of one or both ovaries

Blood clots


Damage to other organs


After evaluation with ultrasound scan and tumour markers. Laparoscopy is undertaken. It is a day care procedure under general anesthesia. 3 port entries is made. Ovaries are identified and Cyst wall teased out and sent for histopathology. The patient is discharged home same day. She can return to work within 2-3 days. If cancer is found, it is advisable to remove both the ovaries. There are at time cases where we have to switch to an open surgery. Recovery depends on the amount of complications that might arise during the procedure.

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