Dr. Manish Kaushal

Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy

Dr. Manila Kaushal

Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy

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What is Cancer Screening ?

We offer and do Pap test to all women who visit our clinic as routine. Sample is collected with us sent to laboratory and report made available next day.

A Pap test is a procedure to collect cells from the surface of the cervix and vagina. A brush is used to gently scrape cells from the cervix and vagina and are placed into a liquid before being placed on a slide. The cells are viewed under a microscope to find out if they are abnormal.

This procedure is also called a Pap smear where a slide is prepared. We follow a new method of collecting and viewing cells known as liquid based cytology work better than routine method to screen cervical cancer.

According to the national cervical screening program all women from ages 25 to 64 needs cervical screening. Women aged 25 to 49 should undergo every 3 years. After that, women are invited every 5 years until the age of 64.

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