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Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy

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Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy

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What is Cervical Cancer Vaccine ?

The vaccine protects against cervical cancer. It is offered to girls aged 12 to 13 up till 26 years.

Ideally females should get the vaccine before they become sexually active and exposed to HPV. Females who are sexually active may also benefit from vaccination, but they may get less benefit. This is because they may have already been exposed to one or more of the HPV types targeted by the vaccines. However, few sexually active young women are infected with all HPV types prevented by the vaccines, so most young women could still get protection by getting vaccinated.

The vaccines are not recommended for pregnant women.

Vaccinated women will still need regular cervical cancer screening because the vaccines protect against most but not all HPV types that cause cervical cancer. There are two types of vaccine available with us. Cervarix and Gardasil ;both are given in 3 dose 0,1,6 month. Each dose cost in 2 to 3 thousand.

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